The Thoughtful Decision

Today, more people are recognizing that planning a funeral in advance of need demonstrates love and consideration toward their family members. It is a thoughtful decision that reduces the stress of indecision and uncertainty when death occurs

While many people spend a significant amount of time in planning for themselves and their family’s future well being, many are hesitant to plan for the part of life that is inevitable - death. There are many reasons to pre-plan one’s wishes and desires and choose a pre-arranged funeral and memorial, the most significant being:

  • People want to insure that their desires are considered.
  • More rational decisions are made when emotions and stress are not a factor.
  • Pre-funding assures that all funeral expenses will be paid; even if your estate is financially depleted and inflation has increased the expenses of funerals.
  • Our pre-arrangement service also allows you to make plans in a more comfortable setting.

Everyone should think about pre-arranging his or her funeral and cemetery needs, and now would be the ideal time. Pre-arranging is one of the most loving and caring things you can do for your family. It removes the financial and emotional burden from them during a difficult time and spares your family from making painful decisions; decisions they would rather have you make in any event. Regardless of how simple or elaborate you would like your funeral to be, our experienced pre-planning staff at Mitchell Funeral Service will show you exactly what all of your options and benefits are and help you make wise, sensible decisions.

If you wish to pre-arrange and pre-fund your funeral and cemetery wishes, please contact us at 516-991-8613.