A Wonderful Affordable Tribute

Family and friends can give a dove release to the family of the deceased. During a Christian funeral service, we can refer to Jesus preparing a home for us and as the white doves return to their home, so our souls return to the home prepared for us.

This time of mourning can be a difficult time, and trying to find a way to express your sympathy can be equally difficult. More and more families are discovering the sense of comfort and peace that a white dove release brings to the family members and friends at the end of a loved one's funeral or memorial service.

Once all of the doves are released, they will join together in a group and fly in a circle. The result is a very beautiful ending to the service and a warm memory made for your family and friends.

For about the cost of sending flowers you can provide a memorial dove release. The release can be scheduled at the church, funeral home, or graveside.

If you wish to release doves as a special tribute to your loved one, please inquire during time of arrangements.