A video tribute is a collection of photos you provide the funeral home that is edited into a slideshow and recorded onto a DVD.  These tributes serve two purposes: 

  • First it is for the services or ceremony you may be planning. It can be a video scrapbook, or a slideshow, a collection of family photos. Every family is invited to bring in a collection of photos and mementos, they will be scanned into a digital format, and our talented staff will put together a DVD tribute. The DVD can be played during a service or just shared with family to be played at home.  
  • The second purpose is to create a permanent archive of the precious images for your family to keep.  We will provide copies of your DVD, which you will have for future generations to watch anytime.

If you are interested in a video tribute please inform us at the time if arrangements or call us at (516) 991-8613.