Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit the website. I hope you will find it helpful and informative as you learn more about the funeral services and products that are available to you.

  • Complete Church Funeral Plan
  • A choice of high quality caskets
  • Transfer of deceased from place of death
  • Securing permits and documents
  • Professional services of funeral director and staff
  • Embalming and preparation of deceased for “open casket” viewing
  • Funeral service conducted at your church or graveside
  • Private viewing held prior to service
  • Hearse and transportation in service area
  • One certified death certificate
  • Guest register book and 100 prayer cards

Our Complete Church Funeral Plan is exclusively offered by Mitchell Funeral Service, Inc.  We are proud to offer a modest service option to families that not only makes sense, but is an ethical obligation. Our staff is committed to providing a straightforward approach to funeral services. We guarantee that this approach will be simple, dignified and church-centered.

Our Church Funeral Plan avoids the high costs normally associated with funeral homes while at the same time provides for the spiritual needs associated with losing a loved one. Ideally, the service takes place at your church, the place where all of the other major Christian events occur such as dedication, baptism, Sunday school and marriage.

Our Church Funeral Plan includes everything you need for an "open casket" funeral including the casket with no add-ons and no hidden costs from us for a reasonable price.